Wedding Photography needs to be exciting, provocative, intoxicating and moving. So as well as chronicling and documenting your events as they unfold, I will also add my own innovative narration as it reveals itself to me throughout your amazing day.

I'm an award winning female photographer based in the South East of England but also covering the whole of the UK and all over the world. I've been a regional finalist for The Wedding Industry Awards 5 years running and won awards for Best Destination Photographer with Lux Weddings & the Masters of UK Wedding Photography. I'm also a proud member of The South East Selective.

Its important to me to not only creatively record the events of your day but to create timeless, beautiful photography that tells your story, extracting the emotional dialogue for future generations to read into. The defining moments when you catch each others eye across a crowded room or when you just can't stop yourselves from laughing out loud in the quiet bits. The energy, the happiness and of course the love.


These are the significant points in time that you need to preserve, to document.


Remember, if you feel happy, contented and relaxed in a photograph you will always attach those feelings to the image when you look back on it. The same goes for the reverse. Thats why I will never ask you to pose awkwardly or put you out of your comfort zone. You will always be in control, euphoric and relaxed.


You're not just going to be remembering how you looked on the day, your going to recollect how you felt...


I'm always very relaxed at Weddings and will never push and pull people around. If needed I will calmly direct you and your guests for groups or artistic shots but mainly I will melt into the background and let the events of the day unfold around me. Leaving you to enjoy your wonderful day confident that I will be getting everything and more...

I always like to get to know couples like good friends and will be on hand to offer any advice or help in the build up and often after your big day too. Please feel free to ask me anything, I really do want to help make your Wedding day truly the best day ever.